Insert Post Here

I can’t tell you what I was going to post here because I’ve once again forgotten. And I am pissed about it because it was a really good idea. So instead, I’m just going to leave instructions for all of y’all to insert your own post here because I can’t. My creative juices did their job and my memory was out to lunch.

And I wouldn’t be so annoyed, except that this has happened so many times. Seriously, it probably happens at least once a week, if not more. It is a real frustration.

And each time I think to myself, ‘oh, I will definitely remember this time.’ Except that history is not on my side. That is why I have an ever growing list of ideas in my phone, why I used to keep scratch paper and a pen in my car, and why I leave myself baffling notes that make no sense to anyone but me.

And inevitably when this happens, my impostor syndrome chirps up saying, ‘real writers wouldn’t forget what they were going to write about.’ Except that, one, yes they do, and two, shut up impostor syndrome, no one asked you!

The point, and I promise I do have a point, is that mistakes and forgetfulness, and all around human imperfection happens. That doesn’t make you a failure and contrary to what your impostor syndrome might say, you do matter and your ideas are valid. And if we remember anything, it is that. It is that impostor syndrome lies. That is the point. Well, that and the fact I don’t remember what this post was originally going to be so please, insert post here.

Thank you.

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