Recovery is a Journey You Take Without a Map

Recovery is a journey. However, it is not a linear journey. Not even close. It is messy. It is all over the place. And even if you have the support of others who have been through it before, I can almost guarantee that it will be different for you. In other words, recovery is a journey you take without a map.

And even in my own journey, there have been so many times I thought I was at the end of the journey, that I had recovered, past tense. Only to realize that, nope, just kidding, I still need to work on my recovery. There are people who recover and get to the place where they don’t need therapy or medication or whatever, and that is great for them. And hey, maybe someday I will get there. Yet I am not there yet.

And there are so many times that I have slipped, that I have fallen backwards in my recovery, that I reach and fall and fail. Yet I get up and do it again. And that is a big part of the journey.

So if you are going through your own recovery and you feel lost, that is understandable. I’ve been there before too. So have so many others. It is natural, because there is no map to recovery. There is just you, reaching for the light, telling your demons to go back from where they’ve come. It is a winding, curving, never-ending road, but it is definitely a journey that is worth taking.

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