A Note on Meditation Monday and Therapy Tuesday

Regular readers of this page know that for the past several months I have had several regular series. Those series are Meditation Monday, Tuesday Therapy Notes, and Faith and Healing. However, like I said last week, I am going to be adjusting how I balance my time and likely not posting everyday, as I had been before. This means that moving forward, there will be no more Meditation Monday posts and no more Tuesday Therapy Notes. Part of this is a reflection of the fact I feel I have covered those topics very well, and part of it is a reflection of the fact that I want to be less formal about how and when I post and having two pre-determined posts limits my ability to do that.

This doesn’t mean I won’t still talk about therapy. It doesn’t mean I won’t still talk about meditation and mindfulness. It means that while it was a lot of fun doing those series, they no longer fit into the way I want to run this blog. And a big part of that is that how we experience mental illness doesn’t always follow a neat schedule. My depression and anxiety don’t wait for my weekly therapy appointments to start acting up. I don’t routinely meditate on Mondays, only to ignore the rest of the week. And I think it is time my posts start reflecting that.

I will still be doing my regular Faith & Healing posts on Sundays. This past week there was no new post because of the Memorial Day Holiday, but be sure to check back on Sunday for another new post.

Thanks again to all those who continue to read and support this blog. And I am excited for what future posts have to offer.

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