Meditation Monday: Meditation and Yoga

Hey everyone, and welcome to yet another Meditation Monday, the weekly series that examines types of meditation and some common issues associated with meditation. This week, we are talking about meditation and yoga.

At first glance, they might seem opposite. After all, meditation is about being still and turning your attention inward, whereas yoga is about moving, stretching, and exercising the muscles. Yet as the yoga institute points out, meditation is a part of yoga, and an important part at that. Nearly all yoga practices end in savasana yoga, which involves lying very still and focusing the attention inward.

In fact, savasana is so still that it is also called ‘corpse pose,’ which may sound morbidly far from relaxing, but we shouldn’t get caught up on names and labels. Savasana is a time to turn your attention from the movements and exercises of your yoga practice and instead turn that focus inward to see what feelings you’re having and, for example, seeing what part of your bodies are still sore or whatever.

In other words, yoga is an important part of physical exercise, and meditation is an important practice for mental health, and recognizing that meditation is a part of yoga, it allows you to recognize that meditation is an important part of both physical and mental health. And this is an important thing to recognize.

And even though I say that, it is something I still sometimes struggle to implement in practice. Because for me, finding time for yoga, or any exercise practice at all, is challenging, and sometimes as I am wrapping up with my savasana, my mind is already jumping ahead to what comes next. Yet the good thing about both meditation and yoga is that if you lose focus, you can always gently bring your attention back and start again.

So hopefully, this encourages some of you, and also some of me, to get back to both meditation and yoga.

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