Recovery: A Rocky Road, But Others Have Made It (And So Can You)

Recovery is a constant battle, one that isn’t always easy or pretty or neat. It is an up-and-down-rocky-road that many have traveled over and that has caused many to stumble and fall. It has caused people to slip back into old patterns that they’d probably rather forget, myself included. Yet so many of us have kept going. I am still on that path to recovery. I am encouraged by those who’ve come before me, traveling similar paths in the dark, while wanting to also encourage others to keep going. Others have made it, and so can you.

And there is no rhyme or reason to these changes. There is no sense of what tomorrow will bring. Today, I am doing alright. In fact, I’ve been doing alright for a while. Yet tomorrow I could wake up in the darkness of depression and not be able to get out of bed. Yet I know from the recovery I’ve already done that that darkness will pass. It sucks in the moment. It is terrible, and makes you feel like a failure. It makes you feel like you are completely unworthy of the good things in life that you do have. But like I said, others have traveled this path before. They’ve passed these pitfalls. They were worthy of these good things and so are you. We all are.

So, if you are struggling on the rocky road to recovery, let this short post be a constant reminder to you that you are enough, you are worthy, and just as with those who have come before you, you are can make it.

Thanks for reading, be well.

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