Meditation Monday: Existential Meditation

It is once again time for Meditation Monday, the weekly series that examines types of meditation and common issues associated with meditation. Today, we are talking about existential meditation, which is something I just learned about.

Existential meditation examines the whole of our existence, what our purpose is here, what is the meaning of consciousness, and the notion of morality and immorality. This is something I am thinking would be a good thing for me to try, because one of the things I worked on with my previous therapist was fear of mortality, which I would think would be a common fear since we are meant to stay alive. Yet apparently, some people are aware of their mortality while not letting it hold them back from living.

And where does this fear of death, this fear of being held back comes from? I don’t know, hence why existential meditation would be a good thing for me to try. Because I want to understand better how this all fits together with my depression, my anxiety, and my reason for being here, for being conscious of my darkness, and how being aware of this darkness and anxiety fit in to my reason for being here, my fear of mortality, and everything in between.

As for how this works in practice, I imagine it involves focusing on these weighty issues as opposed to focusing on the inhales and exhales of breath and mindful observation of thoughts that I do now. Something I could certainly try.

And perhaps, understanding these issues better would be good for my anxiety and help me breath easier.


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