Earth Day Self Care

Today is Earth Day. Part of me always gets annoyed by the fact Earth Day is only one day, since the environment needs us to care for it all the time, but I guess one day is better than nothing. And being Earth Day, it also offers the chance to practice self-care, at least for me.

I draw a lot of rejuvenation from being out in nature, from surrounding myself with fresh air. Part of it is that I have always been interested in ecology, wildlife, and the environment, but part of it I realize is that it is an escape from the anxiety of emails that need to be returned, phone calls that need to be answered, etc. I don’t have to be self-conscious or anxious in front of the trees and the birds. My thoughts can settle, and I can make sense of the noise in my head while in the quiet of the wildness.

Beyond the benefits of being away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, caring about something else, in this case the environment, helps remind of something bigger than myself, something positive that I can contribute to. It also connects me to the larger world around me, freeing me from the isolating darkness that depression and anxiety try to impose upon me. And that is just as much a breath of fresh air

So, even though I have to work today, I plan to spend some time outside. I am also working with coworkers to pick up trash around my worksite. But really, any escape to the wilderness can be a rewarding bit of self-care, on Earth Day or any other day too.


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