Tuesday Therapy Notes: Returning to in Person Therapy

During the pandemic, my therapy sessions were all done via telehealth. I know I am not alone in this shift to online services. And while there has been work to make telehealth even more accessible, even after the pandemic, I know many who would prefer to be back in person. And having recently made that transition, I wanted to share some thoughts.

My first thought was pretty much the same as every other in-person activity I’ve slowly been returning to: this is weird. It felt weird to be back in an office. I felt very self-conscious of all of my hand movements and body language, even though being about to include body language is just one of the reasons I wanted to return to in-person.

And of course it isn’t the same. It isn’t the same to have your therapist greet you with a mask on. Fortunately, since my therapist and I are both fully vaccinated (meaning both shots and two weeks out from the second one, seriously people those two weeks after your second one are important) I am able to remove my mask during the sessions, once my therapist and I are seated across the room from each other as an added precaution.

Perhaps the biggest adjustment for me though was the sense of feeling raw when I left. When I was getting therapy via telehealth, I was generally in the comfort of my own home, sometimes still in the comfort of my pajamas. When there was a difficult session, the comfort of my home helped take the edge off the raw emotions, but in person, you need to be able to put yourself back together and return to society. Thankfully, music and podcasts help me do just that.

So if you are thinking about transitioning back to in-person therapy, here are a few thoughts that will hopefully help. And if you’ve already made that transition yourself, feel free to share any additional thoughts you might have below. And as always, thanks for reading.

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