Tuesday Therapy Notes: Meditation Work

I wrote yesterday about how meditation can be beneficial when done in conjunction with therapy. Well, since today is Tuesday Therapy Notes, it is time to talk about the therapy aspect of things.

First off, if you’ve never done any sort of meditation or any sort of mindfulness practice whatsoever, a therapist may be able to get you started. Many therapists have simple mindful breathing exercises they can walk you through if you need assistance. This can be particularly helpful if you are feeling overly anxious or if you just need help getting started with meditation and mindfulness.

For me, I talked yesterday about how I realized in my meditation practice that I was particularly anxious, but couldn’t figure out why. Part of the anxiousness had to do with a recurring dream I’ve been having, but that dream was as hard to understand as my anxiety. Discussing it with my therapist allowed me to see things differently. While I always strive to view my thoughts and feelings in a non-judgmental way while meditating, I am nevertheless limited by my own perspective. Talking it over with someone else, particularly someone who is a trained mental health professional, helped me view the dream in a different light and understand my anxiety more.

Don’t get me wrong, there is still stuff I have to unpack. Yet the work I did with my therapist gave me a place to start. The additional things that need unpacking will have to be worked on through my journaling, meditation, and those revelations will in turn need to be dissected in therapy. That is the nice thing about combining meditation with therapy, is it can help keep you moving in the right direction.

At least it does for me. And maybe it can for you too.

Thanks for reading.


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