Tuesday Therapy Notes: Filling in The Gaps

We talked in last week’s Tuesday Therapy Notes about the pieces of your puzzle. But what happens when some of the puzzle pieces are missing? One of the many benefits of therapy is that it can help you find the missing pieces and fill in the gaps.

But what gaps am I talking about? Well, it will be different for everyone, but the gaps are things that are missing from our social-emotional development. For example, for me, my father was not around much when I was growing up. I know he loves me and is proud of me, but his absence created gaps. For other people, severe traumas can create gaps caused by maladaptive behaviors, behaviors that were once meant to be protect you, but have since imprisoned you.

Therapy though, uses your story, and finds the gaps in that story. In other words, it helps you fill in the gaps. I can say from personal experience that filling in those gaps helps you to feel whole, which in turn diminishes the anxieties and depressions that have developed in the midst those gaps, and the maladaptive behaviors that our brain has created to cover up those demons.

One of the most resilient statements I’ve come across is that your story isn’t over. Yet if there are gaps in the past, there will be blind spots in the future. It’d be like trying read a book that has some of the pages ripped out. Therapy can help you put those pages back in, so that your whole story is better. And that is what we all want and what we all deserve.

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