Faith & Healing: Reassured By The Promise of Good Friday and Of Easter

Today is Easter, one of the most important days on the Christian calendar. It is the day we celebrate the return of our savior, after celebrating Good Friday, when were saved from our sins because of Jesus’ sacrifice.

And while Good Friday seems an odd name for the celebration of a crucifixion, it is apt. It is good that we are saved from our sins. Jesus gave us that good word. And when the darkness comes, as it has often this past week, the promise of Good Friday helps reassure me and comfort me as I move through the darkness and towards the light.

Of course, the promise of Good Friday would not be complete with out the message of Easter. Jesus defeated death itself and gave us an example of the life everlasting that is possible through faith in him. And despite the painful way in which Jesus died, his resurrection was not one of pain, but one of hope, hope that I hold on to that eventually the darkness will fall away when I am greeted in the light.

And that is a message I see all around. I see it as life comes back to the world as spring begins to take root. I see it in the promise of my daughter, that she can live in a better world, one with just a little less darkness in it thanks to Jesus’ sacrifice. And I see it in myself, because despite the days when depression tries to convince me that I cannot be redeemed, Jesus makes clear that it is never too late to be saved. And that is a good message indeed.

Hallelujah, He Is Risen. Happy Easter One and All!


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