Tuesday Therapy Notes: Pieces of A Bigger Puzzle

Depression is dangerously good at lying. It convinces you that your darkness is all there is to you. It lies and convinces you that you don’t have better parts. Yet therapy, medication, coping tools, all reveal the truth, which is that the darkness is just one piece of a bigger puzzle.

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay.com.

Everyone has good and bad pieces to their puzzle. And I’d like to think that most of us have mostly good pieces. Yet I know all too well that in the depth of depression, the dark pieces are all you can see. For me, it took me years of therapy to realize I have many pieces to my puzzle. So do you. And hopefully, if all you see are the dark pieces, this post can serve as a short cut. You will still have to do the work with your therapist, but even without ever having met you I can say with complete confidence that you have many pieces to your puzzle. You just need to find them.

Because putting that puzzle together will tell you who you are. And also who you aren’t. It will show you the light alongside the dark and all the pieces in between. I am still putting my puzzle together. I am still finding out who I am. And I am excited to find out. Because even better than learning that there are light pieces in your puzzle is learning that you, the true you, is still in there underneath the darkness, waiting to come out. Your darkness can’t define you. It never could. Because you existed before the darkness and you will exist after it.

And I know, in the midst of it it can seem impossible to think of a “before” and “after” because the darkness is so all consuming. Yet you are not alone. Others have come out of the darkness. They have found the rest of their puzzle pieces and put them back together and discovered who they truly are. And sure, life and depression sometimes come and mix up the pieces again. Yet when that happens you know you can put them back together once more. And most importantly of all, when the darkness comes back, you’ll know there are pieces of a bigger puzzle.

Thanks for reading. Be well.

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