Meditation Monday: Getting Back to It

Good morning, one and all. As we start another week off with yet another Meditation Monday, I have a confession to make. I have not been as good as I would have liked at following through on my meditation practice. Yet just like when your mind wanders off while meditating, a lapse in your medication practice is merely a chance to treat yourself with compassion, and get back to it.

Meditation shouldn’t be something you stress about. If you get sidetracked from your meditation practice, it shouldn’t be a cause for you to beat yourself up over, but a chance to recognize the barriers that caused you to get side tracked before resuming where you left off. This is no different than if you get distracted while actually meditating. Just simply start again.

And this post is more than just a reminder to any of you who might not be the best at following through on your meditation practices. It is also a reminder to me, a way to hold myself more accountable going forward. Because in my experience, when you talk about a goal that you are setting for yourself (or in this case resetting), it helps to tell others about it. It some how makes the whole thing more real, at least for me.

So with that, I am off to hopefully get my meditation streak back up to par. And if consistency in your meditation practice is something you also struggle with, then hopefully this post helps you do the same as well.


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