Faith & Healing: Bringing Internal Peace, Not War

Today, Christians all over the world celebrate Palm Sunday, the day when Jesus entered Jerusalem while riding a donkey. He did this to symbolize peace. Traditionally, a king would enter a city on horseback during times of war and donkey during times of peace. And on Palm Sunday, Jesus, the King of Kings, wanted to bring his message of peace home. Yet his teachings offer so much more. They offer a tool to help find inner peace instead of inner war.

Another way to say this would be that He offers us the living water, which will never leave us thirsty again. His lessons of love, of acceptance and his teachings of compassion and healing offer strong guidance about how we should treat each other, as well as how we should treat ourselves. Indeed, my journey back to faith was also an important part of my recovery journey because of the lessons that Jesus offers us.

And so today, as I meditate on Palm Sunday, on His entrance into Jerusalem, I think of the message of peace He brought to the world, but also of the message of peace He brought to me over 2,000 years later. And this is an important reminder, because sometimes the darkness starts to creep up, and we lose sight of that inner peace. Sometimes we need a man on a donkey to remind us of the peace and to drive the darkness back, even if just a bit.

Happy Palm Sunday everyone.

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