Pacing and Fleeing

Anxiety is often also described as the ‘fight-or-flight’ response. And that is certainly what it is for me as well. Unfortunately, modern society frowns upon just fleeing from certain situations. You know, situations like business meetings, traffic stops, etc. For me, what ends up happening is that this desire to flee just builds up within me, and like a slingshot ready to be released, I need some way to get the energy out. For me, that is pacing.

Pacing is my way of trying to trick my mind into believing that I am fleeing. And on a more practical level, as I mentioned a minute ago, it is helpful because it helps release some of my negative energy.

The problem is that pacing tends to make those around me nervous. Or annoyed. Or both. And if I am mindful of that at the time, I will consciously try to prevent myself from pacing, which then leaves me with that energy pent up once again.

There are two solutions that I’ve come up with to handle this. The first is channeling that energy into a workout. Working out with a punching bag is particularly satisfying. The other solution is to have ‘me’ time. Specifically time that is by myself, where I can pace to my heart’s content without annoying anyone else. Moreover, this time can be a time for me to feel anxiety, or sadness, or any other emotion I might not want to confront with anyone else.

And maybe these methods aren’t going to be helpful for you and your anxiety, like I said, everyone’s mental health is different. But maybe it will help, which is why I shared it. And if any of you have tips for how you manage that anxious energy that you feel comfortable sharing, I would love to hear them. And as always, thanks for reading.

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