The Darkness Can Be Isolating, But The Light is Closer Than You Might Realize

I have a fair number of “good” days now thanks to the progress I’ve made in recovery. And if you are just starting on your recovery, I want to say clearly and up front that that is possible for you. I say that because I remember how dark it was when I was at my lowest, and how much I would have benefited from hearing that.

The darkness of mental illness can be so isolating. It may seem that recovery is impossible. But recovery is possible. The light is closer than you might realize. It is closer because you are not alone in the darkness. There are others working on their recovery too. And there are those of us who have gotten out of the darkness who are reaching back to help you find the light too. You might not see us, but we are there.

And then, even if you do find the light, there is relapse that you have to deal with. Which sucks. There is no sugar coating the fact that recovery isn’t linear and backsliding does sometimes happen. Yet once you find the light, once you learn the coping skills that help you reach that place, it is easier and easier to know that the light is closer than you might think, and that the darkness is just a lie your mental illness likes to tell you.

So wherever you are in your recovery journey right now, I sincerely hope this post helps. Like I said, I wish I had heard it when I was at my lowest. Thanks, as always for reading, and have a great weekend.

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