New and Old, Same Tough Questions

I had my first therapy session with a new therapist yesterday evening, and my last therapy session with my former therapist today. And while I will absolutely have more to discuss on this in future posts (stay tuned!), there is one thing I noticed that I want to touch on today, while it is fresh in my mind, which is that new or old, there are the same tough questions.

For me, those the questions are who I really am. Not who I am with anxiety, or who I am when experiencing depression, but who I am underneath all of that. It is about recognizing the differences between who I was as a child, who I was in the darkness of depression before I got help, and who I am now, which is someone who has the power to make different decisions.

These similar trends are encouraging to me. They are encouraging because it hopefully means the change in therapists won’t cause too much of a disruption in my recovery process. More importantly, as I am just starting out with someone new, it gives me something that can be front and center during our sessions, instead of something that has to be uncovered over time.

It it is also a reminder that it might not be easy when your therapist challenges you with these types of tough questions, but it is necessary. If it wasn’t necessary, they wouldn’t have been asked in one form or another by two different therapists. If I want to continue my recovery, these aren’t things I can run from. Processing them is something I can do at my own pace, just like your demons are something you can exorcise on your own schedule, but you can’t run from them.

All I can do is face them.

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