Tuesday Therapy Notes: Your Story

Therapy is, objectively, kind of a weird experience. Basically, you are paying someone, a complete stranger, to sit and listen to your story. This person listens to intimate details, details you might not have talked about with anyone else before. Yet it is important to remember this is your story.

You have control over how you tell your story. For me, my therapist is there to help me understand my story, help me make healthy decisions for my story, and help me write better chapters in the future.

Or maybe I just started describing my editor. Whoops.

Yet the analogy works for your therapist too. You don’t get to rewrite the past chapters, but you can keep those chapters from repeating themselves in the future. Beyond that, your therapist will help you not feel overwhelmed or triggered by your story.

And sometimes, you find such peace with your story that you can share it with the world, as I do here and in my job as a Recovery Support Specialist. And in this sense, my story goes from being a dark tale to being one of hope and healing, an example to others that recovery is possible.

And I hope your therapist helps you find that part of your story as well.

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