Faith & Healing: The Fall and the Healing

Welcome to another Faith & Healing, the weekly series that examines the way that faith has played a role in my recovery and how it can help others. As I frequently say, this is what has worked for me. Like all the other suggestions on this page, you can take it or leave it. I recognize that faith isn’t for everyone and these posts certainly aren’t meant to convert anyone.

Today, I want to talk about the fall and the healing and the lessons that can be learned about recovery from this story. The fall of course refers to the fall of man, when we partook of the forbidden fruit and were banished from Eden, thus also unleashing the many hardships in our world, including, according to this theory, mental illness. Parallels can be draw to the story of Pandora, who unleashed a whole host of negative things because her curiosity got the better of her.

However, unlike Pandora’s story, where only hope remained, God wants to give us hope. He wants us to heal the separation that was created by our fall. He gives us opportunities for this healing. He gives us such opportunities through the giving of His son, Jesus Christ. He gives opportunities through the repentance and forgiveness of sin.

And these are important lessons for my recovery. My mental illness is not my fault any more than Adam and Eve’s decision to eat the forbidden fruit. Yet because of those actions, the door to sin was opened, a door we have all walked through too many times. Though this isn’t my fault, I do still have to be mindful of this and take responsibility for it. And wanting to be better, like being repentant, is one of the first steps to actually being better.

And healing and forgiveness from the demons of mental illness through faith isn’t meant to be done alone. God made us social creatures, He gave us His own son even to save us. Similarly, recovery from mental illness doesn’t need to be a solo journey. There are others who have fallen, others who are on the road to healing and recovery, and others who can help you with your own recovery. All that is needed is to reach out through the darkness and connect with them.

Until next time, be well.

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