When You’re Lost, Go Back To Where You Were Found

Living with mental illness is never a picnic. Even when you are at a stable place in your recovery, the darkness sometimes comes along with a gut punch and suddenly you’re fighting off a panic attack, trying to ground yourself back in reality, or trapped in bed because depression has stolen your energy. In other words, it is so much more than simply not being a picnic. It really freaking sucks.

And while we like to think of recovery as a straight road, it isn’t. And sometimes, backtracking can be a good thing.

Sometimes a bump in the road of our mental health recovery is a sign that something in our life just isn’s working. We’ve lost our way so to speak. And we need to go back to when we were found.

More specifically, we need to go back and look to see if there are people or things from our past that were good for us and for our mental health and try to get back to those things or those people. Or maybe we need to find new people, new therapists, or new treatments that will make us feel like we want to, like we did before the darkness set in.

I say this as someone who, in the midst of one of my worst depressions, looked back and found parts of my past and people from my past who genuinely cared about me and who were good for my mental health and I set about repairing those relationships. And that started me towards recovery.

It isn’t a magic pill that will magically make everything alright again. Any part of mental health recovery is slow and full of work. But sometimes that slow road to recovery, that slow road back from being lost, takes you back to when you were found. And there maybe you can be found again.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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