I’m Sorry. There is A Cat Being Eaten By a Shark and I Am Totally Not Paying Attention.

Some of my posts are serious, research based discussions of mental health issues. Some are dark and twisty tales of my own journey in mental health (or occasionally a guest post about someone else’s journey), and sometimes it is just the ridiculousness of my mental illness. This is the latter.

This morning during my regular therapy session, my therapist and I were discussing a serious issue that I have been struggling with when I noticed a cat being eaten by a shark…which is a statement I should probably explain a bit.

You see, my 7 month old daughter has a hamper that looks like a shark. Because why not, ocean stuff is awesome and features heavily in my the decoration of my daughter’s room. And said shark was currently next to the laundry room, which was also right next to where I was having my therapy session. Enter the cat.

My cat is curious about anything that she can jump into, including this shark. And the result was that the cat tried jumping into the shark, only to have it flip forward and land on her, in a motion that made it look like the shark had come to life and was lunging forward to eat the cat. Of course, the cat escaped the felt teeth of this laundry jaws unscathed, and, in typical cat fashion, looking bored by the fact that the item had now been successfully knocked down. Meanwhile my mind had wandered completely away from the therapy session I was having.

And while this seems like a random, slightly comical incident, unrelated to the therapy session or my journey in mental health, the fact of the matter is the connection runs deeper. Because I was looking to be distracted.

You see, the closer I get to the issues at the core of my depression and at the core of my anxiety, the more my mental illnesses cajoles my brain into looking for distractions, looking for anything that will draw my attention away from the mental health issues I’m trying to resolve. It is one of the many insidious ways that my mental illness tries to fight back against my attempts to maintain my recovery.

And I feel like I can’t be the only one with such ridiculous distractions. I’m curious, if any of you are willing to share what your distractions from recovery are. Can anyone beat a cat being eaten by a shark?

Ginny Cat in a Shark Bed

P.S. My daughter’s laundry hamper isn’t the only shark that sometimes swallows the cat. She also has a shark bed, pictured above.

P.P.S. This is possibly the only picture of her actually in the shark, as normally she prefers to cave in the cat’s skull and sleep on top of it.

P.P.P.S I’ve clearly given up actually working at my recovery today, and have turned that part of my brain space over to the cat. Apologies. And hopefully things will be back to normal tomorrow.

P.P.P.P.S Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “I’m Sorry. There is A Cat Being Eaten By a Shark and I Am Totally Not Paying Attention.”

  1. Love this post…and definitely can’t beat the cat getting eaten by a shark. 😆 But I completely get the need for a break to cut the tension sometimes.

    Liked by 1 person

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