Strength in Specificity

Yesterday, I talked about the importance of being real. Along the way, I also mentioned another fault that can feed the negativity spiral of mental illness, which is being vague. And that is what I want to talk about today.

Being vague means that you never know exactly when you reach your goal. If I say I want to get in shape, I might never reach that goal because my mental illness might constantly think I need to be a little bit better. If my goal is to be less anxious, I may be able to accept a recovery that is far short of what is possible, thus robbing me of the potential to realize even greater success.

Yet by being specific, I can break out of the negative spiral that is mental illness. Instead, I can start creating a positive cycle, one where I achieve a specific goal I set for myself, and am able to then build upon that goal with a subsequent goal. So you see, there is strength in specificity.

And it can be exhausting to set any goals for yourself when you are in the depths of an episode of mental illness, much less one that is as specific and realistic as I’ve talked about yesterday and today. Yet doing so will pave the path to recovery, which of course is the ultimate goal. And hopefully, this helps you realize your own recovery.

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