Realistic Resolutions and Constant Compassion

Resolutions are great! I mean, I have a terrible track record of actually keeping them, but this year I have learned so much from recovery, lessons that will be important for my resolutions and self-compassion.

It starts with realistic goals, not the goals I would like to have. For example, I enjoyed the books I read this year and would like to read more. Yet seeing as how I only finished maybe 14 or 15 books this year, it is unrealistic to expect to finish 50 books in 2021, which is why my resolution is 25 books, not 50. Realistic goals give me the chance at success and a sense of accomplishment instead of setting me up for failure.

Yet no one is perfect, and the reality is that I might fall short of some of my resolutions (the exercise related ones, lets be honest). However, that doesn’t have to completely derail me. Instead, those moments will be opportunities to practice self-care and self-compassion. These are just as important to recovery and overall mental health as realistic goals, therapy appointments, and medication are. And it is very important to realize that fact.

So to start off 2021, I am setting realistic resolutions and am going to try to practice constant compassion for myself and others. What about you?

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