Bonus Post: Reflecting on 2020

We finally made it. The end of 2020. To say it has been a challenging year is an understatement. Yet it has also marked progress that is worthy of reflections.

Some of those progressions are personal. I became a father this year. I made progress in my recovery. I found employment in the mental health field. These are all things I am grateful for from 2020.

Some of the progress has happened on this site. This year I’ve experimented with podcasting, launched new series as part of my regular posting, included more guest posts, and gained more followers. This progress makes me excited for 2021.

And some of the progress has been societal. I firmly believe that the silver lining of this terrible pandemic will be that there will be more attention paid to the importance of mental healthcare.

So while 2020 wasn’t all bad, I am sure most of us are happy to see it go. Happy New Year’s Everyone. Be safe.

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