Faith & Healing

I’m excited to announce a new series here at the Dark Tales Project, Faith & Healing. As the name suggests, this series will look at the role faith has plays in recovery.

I will say upfront that not everyone is a person of faith. I respect that. I am not here to convert new faithful followers my religion or to any other religion for that matter. I say this as someone of faith who has had his share of frustration when it comes to people saying that I should just pray more or that I should just be more faithful. That isn’t how any of this works.

Faith, like mental illness, is deeply personal. It is different for everyone. My faith works for me. It helps bring me comfort. I believe the same is true for many others, which is part of why I am starting this series. While I have tried to minimize my faith based discussions on this page out of respect for those who don’t wish to hear about faith, I have always struggled with the fact that seems disingenuous since faith was an important part of my recovery. So, instead I am limiting my discussions of faith and healing to one day a week. If this isn’t your cup of tea, feel free to skip it.

In particular, my faith has been helpful during the pandemic. As much as I want to protect those that I love, I can’t protect them against the invisible killer that is this pandemic other than to encourage them to wear a mask. Yet prayer helps me feel more active while also lessening my anxiety. I have seen God pull me out of dark times in the past, and know He can again during these dark times.

Yet as we will also discuss in this series, faith can be extremely harmful to this series. Like so many other things, when one’s faith is used as a tool for abuse, or when it is forced upon someone who doesn’t want it, it becomes harmful. I will talk about this over the course of this series as well because understanding the full spectrum of impacts faith has on mental illness is important.

So, if this is something that interests you, welcome. But as I said, if faith isn’t a part of your recovery, isn’t something that you want to hear about, then feel free to skip this series.

P.S. For more about faith and mental illness, check out A Light in the Darkness

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