Food (and Feelings) Coma

Here we are, the day after Thanksgiving, a time for relaxation as our bodies continue to digest the previous day’s food. Yet Thanksgiving can also be a difficult day for some, especially this year given the pandemic, and it is important to recognize that as well.

For some people it is a hard day because of difficult interactions with family or friends. For others, it is a hard day because of feelings of isolation, feelings that may be particularly intense this year given COVID restrictions. Others might be grieving the loss of a loved one if this is their first holiday without that person.

And of course, there are many positive emotions that can come up from the holiday as well. And those feelings, while not as hard to handle, are equally important to process.

Because while Thanksgiving might be a day of connection for many, it is equally important to be connected with ourselves and our emotions. And when relaxing from the previous day’s food coma, there is no harm in processing some of our feelings coma as well.

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