Clean Space, Cleaner Mind

There are many types of self-care. Some I am good at. Others, I am less good at. For example, I am good at tracking my mood to see patterns with my anxiety and depression. I am good about drinking water and taking my medicine. However, I am bad at keeping my physical space clean and organized.

Because there is absolutely a link between clean spaces, organized spaces, and an organized minds. Yet my desk drawer, my filing cabinet, my closet, are all as disorganized and random as my mind.

And I say that it works for me, which is true until it isn’t. I am usually good about keeping track of the important things. My wallet. My keys. My phone. My bills. Etc. Yet other things are eaten by the demons of disorganization, a fact that feeds my mental health demons. Especially anxiety.

Because I’ll remember the things I’ve misplaced. They pop into my random mind with appropriate randomness, but aren’t considerate enough to pop back into physical spaces, at least not the physical spaces I think to check. And then it is this gnawing sense in the back of my mind as I try to think where is the thing I’m looking for. And this goes on until I realize I’m not even sure when the last time I saw the item was. And then I think maybe I threw it out by mistake, which is just absurd because if I threw things I didn’t need out regularly I would have a much more organized space. Similarly, if I dismissed intrusive negative thoughts I would have a cleaner mind. Sadly, neither is true.

And I’m not even sure what the point of this little rant is, other than to admit that I need to be much better about organizing both my physical space and my mental space. That, and to say that I hope you are better at these skills. And if you are, could you please share your secrets, because clearly I am missing something here. Literally.

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