Tuesday Therapy Notes: Recovery Support Specialists

While Tuesday Therapy Notes typically looks at issues related to therapy, I want to branch out a bit this week and look at something that isn’t technically therapy, but that can be helpful in addition to therapy, which is a the role of a recovery support specialist.

I hadn’t heard about this until I became one myself. Essentially, a recovery support specialist is someone with lived experience in mental health issues, who in turn offers support to those who are in mental health crisis.

And as I said, I was recently hired by a local chapter of NAMI for this role, so it is something I can offer my personal perspective on.

Being a recovery support specialist can be draining sometimes, but it is also incredibly rewarding. Sometimes you find yourself talking to someone who is actively in crisis, who simply can’t wait until their next therapy session. Other times you might have a guest who is just starting to understand that they have a mental illness and are figuring out how to cope. And sometimes it is people who, because of the stigma surrounding mental illness, still feel like they can’t speak to those in their life about these issues.

Whatever the reasons someone comes in for support, it nevertheless is deeply rewarding for me to be able to use my experience with mental illness for the good of others. And when individuals use recovery support specialists in addition to a therapist, the results can be even better, which is something I always like to see. In short, I am incredibly grateful for this role, and an thankful, as always that you decided to stop by to read this post. Thank you.

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