Slowing Down…To Speed Up

It may seem counter intuitive, but sometimes when it comes to managing a mental illness, you need to slow down in order to speed back up. Let me explain.

Dealing with a mental illness is exhausting. And left unchecked, this exhaustion will slow you down and will eventually rob you of your energy and productivity. And the longer this goes on, the more the problem will build.

Yet sometimes, life won’t wait for a mental illness to pass. This means, of course, that you need to slow down so that when you need to, you can speed back up.

In other words, you need to take time for yourself. And I know, I get it, in this fast-paced, cash-and-carry world, you feel like you need to be uber-productive. You feel as thought you need to constantly be doing three tasks at once. And when you force yourself to slow down, to take time for yourself, you might feel like a failure, even if nothing could be further from the truth.

Taking time for yourself is like stopping at a gas station to refill during a road trip. It might slow you down for a few minutes, but without refilling, the delay will be much worse. We are not designed to constantly go-go-go. We need to recharge and refill our own tanks. We need to slow down if we want to eventually speed back up.

And I know, many of you might be saying to yourself, of course time for yourself is important. Yet even people who recognize this reality sometimes have difficulty following through, especially if they are the all-go-no-quit-type-A personality types. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious, type-A personalities, many close friends are that way. Heck, I am that way myself in some ways. Yet part of mindfully managing your mental illness is recognizing your personality type and recognizing first and foremost what you need in order to bast manage you mental health. And sometimes that means slowing down to speed back up.

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