The Dark Downward Spiral

In my therapy session yesterday, my therapist and I worked on triggers. Triggers for my anxiety and triggers for my depression. Because while I know I am human and will make mistakes, my anxiety dwells on those mistakes, those bumps in the road, and it might trigger my dark, downward spiral.

The dark, downward spiral might start with my anxiety. Yet if I let the lies of my anxiety run wild, they will bring along their friend depression. Then the negative self-talk overwhelms any positive self-talk I have. And then I don’t have the energy to fight my demons. I don’t have the energy to get out of bed. I simply don’t have energy.

And this is how the dark, downward spiral begins. It eventual leads to a dark hole, a danger zone where I feel trapped by my depression, the good days seemingly nothing more than an illusion. We’ll talk more about that dark hole tomorrow, but today I want to stay with the spiral and with what my therapist and I worked on yesterday.

Because while I can’t always avoid the chemical misfires that lead to my anxiety and depression (that is what my medications are for), I can sometimes avoid the thought processes that trigger that dark, downward spiral. And this is where the mindfulness I work on with my therapist comes in handy.

Because that dark, downward spiral starts in the emotional part of my brain. Yet, if I give myself a moment for the analytical part of my brain to catch up, then I can remind myself of all the positive self-talk that I’ve been working on.

And sometimes that stops the dark, downward spiral.

Sometimes, not every time. But progress isn’t about perfection, and fewer anxious days, fewer depressive episodes can make a huge difference. And if dark, downward spirals is something that you struggle with, then hopefully me sharing this dark tale will help you remember that you are not alone. And maybe it might even help you avoid your own dark, downward spiral.

And if you have tips and tricks that help you avoid your own spirals, I would love to hear them if you are willing to share. You can do so by contacting me through the contact page above, or through the comment section below.

And as always, thanks for reading.

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