Anhedonia and Alexithymia

Today I want to talk about anhedonia and alexithymia (not Macedonian and Alexandria like my spell check wants). Anhedonia and alexithymia both refer to dis-regulation of emotions. In anhedonia, a person is unable to feel joy or pleasure. Alexithymia, by contrast, refers to the inability to recognize, distinguish, or communicate emotional states.

The first term, anhedonia, is one I am familiar with. It is something that weighs me down every time I experience a depressive episode. Even things that would normally give me pleasure are bland at best in my mind. It is during these times that the darkest tales are written.

Alexithymia is something I am far less experienced with. While communication is by no means my forte, I can usually recognize my emotional states, even if I have trouble adequately communicating them. The communication break down however leads to frustration when I am trying to communicate with someone close to me, but struggle to do so.

Both of these emotional disorders may co-occur within a patient. And while some research already has been done, more needs to be done to identify the complex way this disorders interact. Hopefully, this introduction has helped you simply be more aware of these struggles. And if you have experience with either, I would love to hear more about. Feel free to contact me by email or through the comment section below. And as always, thanks for reading.

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