Getting that Frown Unstuck

For the past several months, my therapy sessions have been done through telehealth. It is generally convenient (though not always as I’ll discuss in a moment) and also helps keep both me and my therapist safe.

When I say it is generally convenient, I am talking about the fact that I don’t have to take additional time out of my day traveling to and from my therapist’s office. It is also convenient because I am in the comfort of my own home, which tends to make me more physically and emotionally comfortable. However, there are inconvenient moments. These most notably come from glitches in the internet connection.

For example, yesterday, I was in the middle of discussing something going on in my life, something I was struggling with, and all I saw was my therapist frowning.

She was frowning because the internet had started to cut out. And then she froze with her face frozen in a frown. And while it was just a glitch in the technology, my first thought was that it was a negative reaction about what I was saying. My anxiety makes it such an automatic thing to assume the negative, assume that I am being judged. But as this incident reveals, sometimes it something completely unrelated, and I just to wait for that frown to get unstuck.

And on an even more general scale, getting my frown unstuck is an important thing to keep in mind when I get stuck on a negative thought pattern. Often these negative thought patterns are based on the lies of my mental illness, instead of reality. So keeping my own frown unstuck can be a goal of mine moving forward.

And wherever you are, reader, I hope that you are able to keep your frowns unstuck as well, both figuratively and literally. And as always, thanks for reading.

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