Bonus Post: Just Mental Health

Hey, whats up readers. I just wanted to drop in one last time before the weekend started to let you all know about a new Dark Tales Project podcast that I’m starting up called Just Mental Health, which will take a look at how the law has treated and mistreated mental illness. The podcast will take a look at both the historical treatment of mental health issues by the legal system as well as some current events.

Given that our society is governed by law and order, and given the fact that I have a background in law and policy, AND given the fact that the law’s mistreatment of mental health issues has been one of the many factors feeding the stigma surrounding mental health issues, this podcast just seemed like a natural one for me to make.

It is an idea I have toyed around with for the last several years, so I am excited to be launching it, and am even more excited for all of you to tune and join the discussion. I think you are really going to enjoy it. The trailer is out today, and it is available on Anchor and on Spotify, with more platforms hopefully picking it up soon.

So with that, I’ll let you get your weekends started. Hopefully you all have some good stuff planned for your self-care Saturdays and self-care Sundays. Until Monday, take care, and thanks as always for reading.

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