Recovery and Forgiveness

Yesterday, I talked about the importance of exercise and some ways that I push myself to exercise even when the fog of depression has its grip on me. Yet an important part of one’s journey in fitness as well as their journey in mental wellness is one’s recovery. Consider it your muscles forgiving you for putting them through their paces.

Recovery days in your exercise regime prevent you from getting injured. They protect your physical wellness. Similarly, forgiveness prevents past emotional and mental harms from being bottled up. Forgiveness protects your mental wellness.

Sometimes it is someone else who has wronged us that we need to forgive. That is perhaps the first scenario people think of when they think of forgiveness. Yet it is just as important, if not more important, to forgive ourselves.

Sometimes, we need to forgive ourselves for little things, like missing our regular workout day. Sometimes, we need to forgive ourselves for big things, like having a bad mental health day or having a fight with our spouse or a close friend or family member.

And if we let ourselves beat ourselves up, if we let our demons win, it becomes so hard to climb out of the darkness. Instead, we sink lower, we fall further behind in our journey towards mental wellness.

Because the crappy truth is that bad days are going to happen. Even when I am having the best days, days when my depression seems like nothing more than a scary story, the truth is I am still living with it. It is still waiting to come out of the shadows and pull me back down. There will be those days. And that is okay. It is okay to not be okay.

It is okay to not be okay because if we forgive ourselves, if we let ourselves recover, if we stay diligent about our self-care routines, then those bad days won’t be a set back in our journey towards mental wellness, they will just be a slow down.

So whether you are battling back from a mental health episode, or recovering from a particularly hard workout, be kind, and give yourself the time to recover and forgive, and before you know it you’ll be back on your road to better mental wellness.

And as always thanks for reading.

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