The Fires of Depression

We often talk about depression as a loss of energy and a loss of enjoyment in life. So often, it makes even the simplest of tasks a challenge. Yet just as every mental illness is different in every person, it can be different day to day as well. Sometimes, it is a lack of energy that leaves you having to fight to get through the day. Sometimes it is being unable to sleep. Sometimes it is not being able to enjoy the things you normally enjoy. And sometimes, sometimes it is anger.

Sometimes that anger is picking fights with your loved ones because your depression decided to use anger as a tool to push them away and convince you of your loneliness. Of course, if you do push people away, that often just fuels your anger more. Sometimes it is anger at the facts of life, the facts that say you have to battle these demons day in and day out. And sometimes, sometimes it is anger at yourself for not handling, not managing your mental illness better.

And there are a couple dangers that can come out of having anger as a part of your depression. The first danger we already touched upon, which is the danger that you will damage relationships or push people away during these periods of anger. However, the people who truly love you, who truly matter, they will always be there, ready to forgive your anger and get you back on track. And there will always be those people in your life.

The other danger with these fires of depression is that they might fuel suicidal thoughts, turning those thoughts to actions. You see, when a depressed individual is confronted with suicidal thoughts sometimes the lethargy that depression leaves them with can be a saving grace, preventing those persons from having the energy to act upon those suicidal thoughts. Yet anger can give an individual the energy to get over that lethargy, especially if the anger is directed inward.

Recognizing these thoughts for what they are can help you manage them. It can help you say, “not today,” to the fires of depression. Anger is a normal human emotion, and it is important to let yourself feel that anger, even if it comes from your depression. Yet learning to recognize that anger for what it is and learning how to manage it is important to maintaining mental health.

For example, one way I get my depression-anger out is through boxing workouts. I’ll discuss this more later this week, but it is a healthy release of stress and anger, as well as a positive workout for my physical health.

Yet there are many ways to deal with anger. If you’d like to share yours, feel free to do so in the comment section below. But if not, thanks for reading, and I hope this has been helpful for you.

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