Two Steps Forward, One Back, and Steps All Over The Place

We’ve all heard the phrase two steps forward, one step back. It is such good visualization of progress with set backs. And recovering from mental health battles is certainly not a constant progression. Yet two steps forward, one step back is perhaps too simple an analogy for mental health recovery.

For me, I feel like my journey with mental health issues is two steps forward, one back, and many steps left and right, up and down. It is a chaotic progression that slowly moves towards managing my mental illness better.

Along the way these battles cause steps forward and back in my productivity, my relationships, and generally cause havoc in all parts of my life. Yet fortunately, the people who are most important to me and my recovery have not only stayed, they have helped me get back on track, taking steps in the right direction.

I write this as a reminder to myself, and to everyone else, that you are not alone in dealing with your swirling thoughts and dark tales. And no matter how tangled the line of your recovery becomes, there will always be people willing to help untangle it with you, so that you can start taking steps in the right direction once again.

Tangled thoughts makes for some very non-linear tales of recovery. Photo by Gerd Altmann via

And that is certainly a positive thought to end the week with. Thanks as always for reading, and here’s wishing you a great weekend.


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