Self-Care Saturday Update: Knocking Out My Mental Illness

Hey readers, I hope your weekends are off to a good start. I just wanted to drop in quickly to share some updates from my self-care Saturday. Weekends are a great time for me to practice self-care, but any day can be a good day, just as long as it works well for you.

This week I want to talk about getting into a new exercise practice, which is boxing. For me, and for many others out there, it is a great way to relieve some stress and anxiety. It lets me feel like I am physically fighting back against my mental illness, that my jabs and hooks are pushing those demons back where they came from.

Yesterday, for example, I was having a bit of a rough start to my morning. Maybe not a full blown depression, but maybe a mini one. Maybe one that could turn into a full blown depression if I wasn’t careful. And the boxing work out I did kicked my ass, but in a good way. But it also kicked my depression’s ass in a good way. That doesn’t mean that yesterday I didn’t have my struggles, I did. But it certainly got me off to a better start than if I hadn’t strapped on my boxing gloves. And today, my self-care Saturday, I did a quick workout on my rowing machine and now I can relax some. And this will hopefully help heal some of the damage from my depression from yesterday.

And I hope you are having a good self-care Saturday too. If you would like to share, I’d love to hear about some of your self-care routines. You can leave a comment below, or email me through the contact page. Either way, I would love to hear from you.

And until next time, be well.

2 thoughts on “Self-Care Saturday Update: Knocking Out My Mental Illness”

  1. Wow, boxing sounds like so much fun! A nurse in the psych hospital taught me some basic moves and I loved it. I’ve forgotten all of it by now. I agree exercise is a great w ay of kicking depression’s ass.

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