Slouching and Strength

Lately, I have been focused on mindfully correcting my posture. And there are so many tie-ins with my mental health, I’m not even sure where to begin.

I guess I’ll start with why I slouch, because that is a symptom of my social anxiety. I slouch because I want to make myself small, less noticeable. If I could roll myself into a ball and roll through life like Sonic the Hedgehog, I would probably have done that in the past. Yet now I find myself trying to correct this mentality of mine.

And this brings me to the problem I am facing, which is that my muscles are definitely not used to trying to stand up straight. They hurt. They protest. And this is so familiar to me since the demons of my mental illness have been protesting since I started managing my mental illness, causing mental soreness just as my back muscles cause physical soreness.

Ultimately, it seems that any effort to improve yourself leads to discomfort and soreness. However, that absolutely does not mean that you shouldn’t try to improve yourself. There is no shame in having posture issues or mental health battles. We all have hurdles. Yet when you are ready, there is a whole community ready to cheer you on and help push you past that discomfort. And those demons of yours, they are no match for the voices of support that echo all around you once you find that right community.

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