The Light Spreads So Much Father Than the Darkness

Growing up, I thought the distance I felt from those around me was because something was wrong with me. I thought I was alone and uniquely defective. And in that darkness, the demons of my mental illness festered.

And I built walls to hide my broken self from the world. Yet when you hide behind walls, when you keep yourself in the darkness, those demons just continue to fester. And the darkness cuts you off from those in your inner circle. Your friends and family, the people who love and support you might not know the darkness you are fighting behind your wall.

Yet light spreads so much farther than the darkness. Light rejuvenates us. It reinvigorates our connections with the outside world. It heals the connections we have with those in our inner circle. And most importantly, it spreads to others, others who might be trapped behind their own walls, who might be battling their own demons in the darkness.

Each story we tell reduces the stigma. The more we normalize the battle, the more others can come forward. The more we shine a light on our demons, the more those who love us can become allies in our fight, supporting us, and proving to those demons that we aren’t alone and unlovable. Because the demons of the dark lie, and lie well if left alone in the dark. But the light and the truth that it offers can not only beat back the demons, but it can also spread farther than your darkness could ever imagine, ultimately reflecting even more brightness back your way. And that is something we all would probably like to celebrate.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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