The Fog

I wrote yesterday about how when I am experiencing good moments during a bad bout of depression I experience it through a fog. It is a difficult thing to explain to someone who hasn’t battled depression.

Objectively, I know the moments are enjoyable. I know that when the fog of the depression lifts, I will be left with positive memories. Yet at the moment, it is like I am watching the world and the happiness happen around me, my emotions too weighed down by the darkness to rise to the moment.

Yet just as with true fogs, the fog of depression merely hides the sunshine. The brightness is still there. And eventually, the brightness will burn off the fog. And for those of us who battle, we just have to wait it out.

Yet we shouldn’t wait it out alone. Just as foghorns and lamps are used to signal through actual fogs, it is important that you signal to those closest to you when you are burdened by the fog of depression. I say this both as a reminder to myself, because I am certainly not as good at reaching out as I’d like to be, but also as a reminder to all of you who might be battling and might have your own fogs. We signal through the fog to ensure that we aren’t lost forever.

And most importantly, you aren’t alone in the fog, no matter how much it seems like you are. And when the fog lifts, we all want to be able to see your shining faces.

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