New Tools and Experiences

Yesterday, I talked about launching an app for The Dark Tales Project. Last year, I launched a podcast. And some of these new tools and new experiences might not prove to be the most productive way of communicating with people and sharing the dark tales of mental illness so that we can finally end the stigma. Yet these steps still represent progress.

These steps represent progress because I am trying something new. I am putting the risk of failing to the side and moving forward.

My anxiety and depression so often convince me that I am destined to fail. And too often I have listened to that voice and failed only for lack of trying. Yet my successes are the best way to shut down those voices.

And maybe some of these new tools won’t work out. But then maybe I’ll have the energy to try something else new, to keep moving forward. Because as it turns out Yoda wasn’t quite right when he said there is no try. On the contrary, trying is the first step towards moving forward.


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