Medication Monday: Hydroxyzine (And Some New Dark Tales Features)

Welcome to an exciting Monday. Monday, of course, is the day for Medication Monday, the weekly series that examines some of the medications that are available for the treatment of mental illness. Today is exciting because of a new feature I am rolling out, which I will mention in a moment. First, Medication Monday, and this week we are talking about hydroxyzine, which may be known by the brand names Vistaril or Atarax.

Hydroxyzine is an antihistamine, meaning it is primarily used to treat allergies. However, it is also approved to treat anxiety and can also treat insomnia, itchiness, and nausea.

This medication should be taken with food. Also, alcohol and illicit drugs should be avoided while taking hydroxyzine. You can also take hydroxyzine for extended periods of time because to-date, there is no known harm to long term usage.

Users should also be aware of potential side effects, which include blurred vision, confusion, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, fatigue, headaches, irritability, and urinary retention. Rarer side effects include allergic reactions, increased heart rates, and priapism, which, in males, is an erection that does not go away for 4 hours or more.

If you have concerns about these side effects or questions about this medication or any medication covered in this series, you should ask your doctor. Medication Monday is not meant as a substitute for medical advice. Rather it is meant merely as a brief, informative introduction to some of the medications available for the treatment of their mental illnesses. It will also hopefully help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health medications.

And now the exciting news. There is a new way to access the Dark Tales Project and Medication Monday, which is a new app for iPhones that can be downloaded here. This is my first stab at app development, so please be patient if there are tech issues as I work through those issues. Nevertheless, I am excited to explore new ways to expand my mental health advocacy, so please check it out.

Medication Monday Source: NAMI Medications – Hydroxyzine

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