Self-care Saturday

I talked yesterday about the benefits of sometimes coming out with a new look. And new looks are great but don’t forget about the tried and true self-care routines that you already use. And I figured my self-care Saturday was a perfect time to remind my readers of that.

While not every Saturday offers the chance for self-care routines, I nevertheless try to keep it for time with friends and family, times that strengthen the social connections that are so important. Because even though I struggle with social anxiety, I still need someone in my corner. We all do. And Saturdays are a great time to strengthen those bonds.

They are also a great time for exercise, and the mood lifting endorphins exercise brings. That is why I set aside a little time this morning for a run. And while my legs weren’t thrilled, the rest of me feels more accomplished for what I’ve done.

And what about you? If you battle mental illness, what are some of the self-care routines you turn to?

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