New Look, Same Dark Tales

New logo, new look!

As I said yesterday, The Dark Tales Project is rolling out some new things over the coming days and weeks, starting today with a new logo and a whole new look! And while new looks might sometimes seem cosmetic, the changes can go much deeper.

A new look that goes deeper, that signals other changes on the way, is of course also a perfect metaphor for managing a mental illness. The lies your demons tell you might not change, but how you react to them and the face you put on for the outside world, can change. Yes, mental illness has terrible aspects that give rise to terrible, dark stories. Stories of darkness, stories of fighting for those fleeting bits of hope that tomorrow might be better, and that is what the name of this site, The Dark Tales Project, is intended to convey.

Yet dark tales, in my opinion, give rise to some of the most amazing characters. Some of the strongest characters. And those are the stories I want to tell on this site too. Stories of hope and perseverance against the demons of mental illness. And sometimes a new look is needed to help tell those stories. And that is what I am hoping this redesign will accomplish.

There are also some rewrites to the about section of the page that you can check out, and more changes in the works, so stay tuned. And thanks as always for reading.

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