Lessons from Old Glory

Here in the United States, today is a big day. It is the day we celebrate our freedom. Our independence. But our freedoms have definitely come at a cost.

When I think of our flag, of the history it represents, I think of many things. One of those things is our National Anthem, which celebrates our flag still flying after bombs and bullets tore at it, both literally and figuratively.

And I love that image for many reasons. However, one of those reasons, which I want to share with you this Fourth of July, is the idea of being torn and tattered, but still flying. You don’t always have to be whole in order to be strong, in order to carry on.

Now, today, so many years after the inspiration for that song, we look around and we see no shortage of flags. And these flags are bright, and beautiful, and whole once again. Because you may take some damage, but you will be whole again. And that is something worth celebrating.

Photo by Sawyer Sutton vía pexels.com.

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