400 Dark Tales Later

This is my 400th post, which seems like a good time to stop and look back at what this blog has accomplished and all that I still hope for it.

This blog has helped me educate myself and others about mental health issues outside of my own. It has helped force me to be committed to writing, which has helped me discover more about my own mental health issues as well. And hopefully, it has also helped remind people that it is okay to not be okay sometimes, and that if they are struggling, they certainly aren’t alone, regardless of what the lies their mental illnesses might tell them.

Originally, I had hoped for more guest posts, and would certainly welcome anyone who wanted to contribute (see the contact page to find out how to get in touch with me or just drop a comment below).  Yet even though the connections I’ve made in the comment sections of my posts, I have expanded my mental health horizon, while also hopefully expanding the horizons of my readers.

And hopefully, there will still be so much more to look forward to when it comes to exploring the dark tales of mental illness, so stay tuned. And thank you as always for reading.

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