Weekend Recovery Realizations

The last couple days and this weekend have been and will be filled with family time. And while my social anxiety can sometimes be a struggle in group settings, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Family settings can be stressful for sure. For some, family isn’t always the loving supportive unit we want it to be. However, family can be anyone who loves you, who is there for you, no matter what. And as I’ve said before, that is so important.

It is so important because that love can drive out the dark tales we tell ourselves. It can help heal us, help restore us. Whether that love comes from those who are related by blood, by the bonds of friendship, by shared battles, the truth is there is always family you can find, family you can go to.

And family will be supportive if you need to step away for self-care. I say this having experienced it with close friends as well as family. Despite the dark lies of mental illness, there are people who love you. No matter what. Amid the dark times I come back to weekend recovery realizations like this one, realizations that the darkness will pass in time. And it will for you too.


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