A Wearable Reminder for Self-Care

Mindfulness is a key part of my self-care plan. It is something I work on with my therapist as part of cognitive-behavioral therapy. The problem is that when the lies of mental illness sink their teeth into you it can make it hard to be mindful of what is going on around you. It can make it hard to get outside your own head. Which is why my therapist recommended a wearable reminder.

On my wrist, I wear a cause bracelet for a mental health charity that I support, which is something I can look at when the lies of my anxiety and depression start to drag me down into a negative spiral. It can remind me to breathe. It can remind me to get outside my own thought patterns. And that is important, especially now.

There are always distractions in the news. And with a three week old baby in the house, there are plenty of family distractions as well. Yet all it takes is a brief pause to look at something outside of myself to remind my mind to stay outside the negative patterns of mental illness.

So if you are struggling with mindfulness, try something external that can remind you of the world beyond your mental illnesses’ lies. It can be a reminder on your phone or a watch. It can be something you wear, like my cause bracelet. It can be a ring. Really it can be anything, anything that will help you be mindful. Because I can say having only tried it for a few days that it really does help.

So here is hoping you have a safe and mindful weekend. And as always, thanks for reading.

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