Hitting Pause Briefly

Today will be my last post for a few days, as I am taking a little time off for some quality family time.

Spending time with family is a crucial part of self-care routines, and sometimes you need to practice what you preach. I’ve poured a lot of myself into this blog over the last few years, and overall the benefit has been really positive. It has helped me be more regular with my writing, which in turn has helped me analyze and manage my darkness in new ways. Yet sometimes you need to take a break. Even from a good thing.

My anxiety has held me back from so many moments. This has been true during family moments as well. However, the benefit of quality family time is that it challenges that misconception, that lie that mental illness whispers so wonderfully. So, put another way, I’m taking some time off to put my mental illness in its place.

But before hitting pause, I wanted to thank everyone who has been so supportive of this blog. I plan to be back sometime next week with new posts to share. Until then, be well one and all.

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