Medication Monday X2: Schizophrenia Medications

This week there are two Medication Monday posts! The first, which I posted earlier today, focused on PTSD medications. Focusing on PTSD makes sense of course since it is Memorial Day and understanding PTSD may help prevent more soldiers from falling after the battle has ended. However, it also makes sense to talk about schizophrenia medications, since yesterday was World Schizophrenia Day.

Schizophrenia is often treated with antipsychotic medications. My research suggests that newer, second-generation antipsychotics are more frequently prescribed than first-generation antipsychotics. This makes sense since the newer medications are safer and have fewer side effects. However, they are not without side effects, and if you have concerns, it is important to bring those up with your doctor. You should never stop taking antipsychotic medications just because you start feeling better. Stopping these medications suddenly may exacerbate your underlying conditions.

Yet it is important to note that there are several medications out there that help manage the disease that is PTSD. This is an important thing to understand because there is still such a stigma surrounding schizophrenia in particular, with it being portrayed as dangerous or monstrous. Yet any illness untreated can be dangerous. And like any other illness, it is important to treat schizophrenia with the same compassion and understanding you would any other illness.

And as always, Medication Monday is not a substitute for medical advice. If you have concerns or questions about any of the conditions or medications discussed in this series, please consult with your doctor right away.

And thanks for reading.

Source: Mayo Clinic – Schizophrenia

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